Theses & Dissertations

NameYearTitlePost-degree work
Wangcheng Liu, PhD. July 2022.Electrically Conductive Side-by-side Composite Fibers: Preparation, Properties and Potential Applications.
Anthony Otero, M.S. July 2022.Synthesis and Application of Vitrimer-MWCNT Composite Material Using Near-Infrared Light for Fast Curing.
Cheng Hao, PhD.July 2022.Chemical Recycling of Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composites and Development of High-Performance Recyclable Alternatives.
Jonathan Hatt, M.S.April 2022.Investigating the effects of a mechanical and chemical recycling method on the material properties of a virgin bottle-grad poly(ethylene terephthalate).
Dalisson Silva do Carmo, M.S.November 2021.Pressure Prediction Model in Cross Laminated Timber Manufacturing for Low-Quality Lumber.
Bahaa Al-Khateeb, M.S.July 2021.Experimental Study of Reinforced Concrete Coupling Beams with Axial Restraint.
Kyleigh Rhodes, M.S.July 2021.Characterization of Injection Molded Basalt-Hemp Hybrid Reinforced Polypropylene.
Ruben Jerves, M.S.July 2021.Thermally modified composite wood-strand panels for building construction applications.
Sean McGuiness, M.S.
July 2021.Experimental Characterization of Steel Jacket Retrofitted Reinforced Concrete Bridge Column Behavior in Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquakes.
Kevin Allan, M.S.
May 2021.Evaluation of Environmental Impact of Steel and Mass Timber Archetype Buildings Located in Seattle, Washington.
Mostofa Haider, M.S.
August 2020.Use of recycled glass fiber reinforced polymer in mortar and tailoring of transition zones with nanomaterials.
Kamryn Froehle, M.S.
August 2020.Assessing practical civil engineers perception of lifelong learning using semi-structured interviews.
Mostafa Mohammadabadi, PhD.
May 2020.Design, Fabrication, Evaluation, and Testing of Multilayered Wood-Based Composite Sandwich Panels.
Madison Broers, M.S.
May 2020.Effects of dynamic amplification of occupant loads on floors and decks.
Hasan Rafsan Jani, M.S.
December 2019.Strategies to fabricate natural fiber composite panels using VARTM and RTM.
Jared Long, M.S.
July 2019.Characterization of replaceable steel coupling beam behavior using a computational parametric study.
Qiyang Luo, M.S.
July 2019.Field implementation of stress wave timing inspection and fracture resistance of in-service timber guardrail posts.
Mona Karim Zadeh, M.S.
May 2019.Quantifying the seismic response of light-frame shear walls with adhesive sheathing concerns.
Wenjia Song, PhD.
May 2019.Synthesis, Characterization and Applications of Hydrogels from Renewable Resources Based on Soy Protein Macromer and Poly(Acrylic Acid).
Ran Li, PhD.
December 2018.Novel Vegetable Oil-Based Epoxy Resin Systems: Synthesis, Properties and Potential Applications.
Dane Camenzind, M.S.
December 2018.Supply chain analysis for alternative jet fuel production from lipid feedstocks in the U.S. Pacific Northwest.
Kyle Conrad, M.S.
December 2018.Full scale testing and development of wood-steel composite shear walls.
Zhao Chen, PhD.
December 2018.Analyzing the Failure Mechanisms and Developing Strength Prediction Models for Concrete Expansion and Screw Anchors In Tension.
Lang Huang, PhD.
December 2018.Mechanochemical activated and functionalized cellulose powders and their reinforced plastic composites.
Harris Handoko, M.S.
July 2018.Synthesis and Characterization of UV-Curable Thiol-Methacrylate Coatings.
Cheng Hao, M.S.
May 2018.Synthesis and Application of Epoxy Based Vitrimers using Renewable Resources as Feedstock.
Taylor C. Vincent, M.S.
May 2018.Seismic Retrofitting Downslope Hillside Dwellings with Uphill Anchorage and Cripple Wall Wood Structural Panel Sheathing.
Jinxue Jiang, PhD.
December 2016.Assessing Mechanical Deconstruction of Softwood Cell Wall for Cellulosic Biofuels Production.
Natalie B. Martinkus, PhD.
December 2016.A Multi-Criteria Decision Support Tool for Biorefinery Siting.
Tanner L. Reijm, M.S.
December 2016.A numerical analysis of seismic performance of cross-laminated timber shear wall assemblies with enhanced anchor tiedown systems.
Wangcheng Liu, M.S.
August 2016.Grafting Modification of Polylactic Acid and its Application for Compatibilization of Polymer Blends.
Yalan Liu, PhD.
August 2016.Size Reduction and Sulfite Pretreatment of Softwood for Efficient Hydrolysis and High-value Products Yield.
Jonathon J. Waldrip, M.S.
August 2016.Occupant Induced Lateral Amplifications on Exterior Decks Connection Stiffness and Damping Effects.
Hui Xu, M.S.
August 2016.Preparation and Characterizations of a Novel Lignin Based Hydrogel.
Hanwen Zhang, PhD.
August 2016.Consolidation Mechanisms Study of Biochar and Douglas Fir Slash During Pelletization.
Rui Zhu, PhD.
August 2016.Groundwork for Integration of Hot Water Extraction as a Potential Pre-process in a Biorefinery for Downstream Conversion and Nano-fibrillation.
Vincent P. McIntyre, M.S.
December 2015.Assessment of Copper and Zinc Adsorption to Lignocellulosic Filtration Media Using Laboratory and Field Scale Column Tests for the Purpose of Urban Stormwater Remediation.
James M. LaFave, M.S.
August 2015.Investigation of Occupant Induced Dynamic Lateral Loading on Exterior Decks.
Evan Olszko, M.S.
August 2015.Identification of Test Methods for Determining Wood Guardrail Post Integrity.
Joseph P. Smith, M.S.
August 2015.Assessing Copper and Zinc Adsorption to Thermally Treated Lignocellulosic Biomass.
David Aguilera, M.S.
August 2014.Development of Strength and Stiffness Design Values For Steel-Clad Wood-Framed Diaphragms.
Manuel Raul Pelaez Samaniego, PhD.
August 2014.Thermochemical Pretreatment of Underutilized Woody Biomass for Manufacturing Wood Composites.
Wenrui Yang, M.S.
August 2014.August 2014.
Fang Chen, PhD.
December 2013.Leakage Control and Characterization of Form Stable Phase Change Materials: polymer(matrix)/polymer(PCM) binary blends and natural fiber/polymer(matrix)/polymer(PCM) ternary composites.
William P. Lekobou, PhD.
December 2013.Study of Atmospheric Pressure Weakly Ionized Plasma as Surface Compatibilization Technique for Improved Plastic Composites Loaded with Cellulose Based Fillers.
Amir Sahaf, PhD.
December 2013.Investigating the Use of Phenolic Rich Fraction of Pyrolysis Bio-oils as an Adhesive System.
Yu Fu, PhD.
August 2013.Processing and Properties of Novel Graphene-based PLA Bionanocomposites.
Gerald A. Schneider, M.S.
August 2013.Construction and Demolition Recycled Wood Waste Assessment in the Northwest United States.
Hengxuan Chi, M.S.
December 2012.Interfacial Properties of Chemical Bonded Phosphate Ceramics and Sugar Maple.
Derek Ohlgren, M.S.
December 2012.Mechanical Connection Properties and Techniques for Lightweight Wood-Strand Sandwich Panels.
Xiaojie Guo, M.S.
August 2012.Investigation of Polyclactic Acids/-Polyoxymethylene Blends: Crystallization Behavior and Heat Resistance.
Shan Li, M.S.
August 2012.Investigation of Effect of Plasticizer and Compatibilizers on Soy Protein Ternary Blends.
Drew Mill, M.S.
August 2012.Simplified Lateral Design of Post-Frame Buildings-Comparison of Design Methodologies and Underlying Assumptions.
Yi Wang, PhD.
August 2012.Profile Forming of Wood-Strand Composites: Processes; Forming Characteristics, and Product Properties. Yi is working at Plummer Forest Products in Post Falls, ID.
Peng Zhan, M.S.
August 2012.Investigation of Poly(lactic acid) (PLA)/Sugar Beet Pulp Bioplastics: Processing, Morphology, Properties and Foaming Application.
Bailey Brown, M.S.
May 2012. Modified Structural Insulated Panels Using Three-Dimensional Hollow-Core Wood-Strand Composite Sandwich Panel Structural Skins. Bailey is an engineer for RDH Group in Seattle, WA.
Christina M. Kapoi, M.S.
May 2012.Experimental Performance of Concrete Masonry Shear Walls Under In-Plane Loading. Christina is working in the structural engineering group at CH2M Hill in Bellevue, WA.
Brian Parsons, M.S.
May 2012. Understanding the Lateral Strength, Load Path, and Occupant Loads of Exterior Decks. Brian is a Civilian Naval Architect for the Department of Navy at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard & IMF, Bremerton, WA.
Camille Pirou, M.S.
December 2011.Influence of Different Building Practices on the Performance of a Passive Solar Design Greenhouse.
Jacob D. Sherman, M.S.
December 2011.Effects of Key Parameters on the Performance of Concrete Masonry Shear Walls Under In-Plane Loading.
Elena Ten, PhD.
December 2011. Poly(3-Hydroxybutyrate-co-3-Hydroxyvalerate) – Cellulose Nanowhiskers Composites by Solution Casting. Elena works at the University of Florida as a Postdoctoral Research Associate on the recovery of lignin from biofuel production for lignin nanotubes preparation for drug delivery application.
Meng-Hsin Tsai, PhD.
December 2011. Investigation of a Sustainable Alternative Wood Bio Plastic Composite. Derek is working as a Material Development Engineer/Scientist for Polymera in Hebron, OH.
Nathan B. White, M.S.
December 2011.Strategies for Improving Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Wood-Strand Composites.
Wei Fan, PhD.
August 2011.Health Monitoring and Damage Identification of Composite Structures.
Brent D. Olson, PhD.
August 2011.Residential Building Material Reuse in Sustainable Construction. Brent is the Technical Manager for Jeld-Wen, Inc. in Klamath Falls, OR.
Christophe Parroco, M.S.
August 2011.Influence of Design and Climate Change on the Annual Energy Consumption of a Passive Solar House.
Bo Liu, Ph.D.
May 2011.Investigation of In-situ Poly(lactic acid)/Soy Protein Concentrate Composites: Composite Preparation, Properties and Foam Application Development.
Wenjia Song, M.S.
May 2011.The Role of Zinc Ionomer in the Impact Performance of Polylactide (PLA) Ternary Blends: Effect of Acid Content and Degree of Neutralization.
Rui Zhu, M.S.
May 2011.Preparation of Maleic Anhydride Grafted Poly (Lactic Acid) (PLA) and Its Compatibilization Effects on PLA/Soy Protein Composites.
Elvie E. Brown, Ph.D.
December 2010. Bacterial Cellulose/fibrin Composites: Production and Mechanical Properties of Potential Artificial Blood Vessel Material. Elvie is a Post-Doctoral Research Associate at WSU Tri-Cities.
Kyle Holman, M.S.
December 2010.Adaptable Shear Wall Layout in Low-rise and Light Framed Structures.
Timothy P. Olson, M.S.
December 2010. Design for Deconstruction and Modularity in a Sustainable Built Environment. Tim is an engineer with Sarens in Missoula, MT.
Yang Cao, M.S.
August 2010.Characterization of PF/PVAc-Wood Interaction and its Effect on Wood-Strand Composites Performance.
Gregory D. Estep, M.S.
August 2010.The Influence of Extrusion Processing and Formulation on Form-Stable Phase Change Materials
Andrew Kracht, M.S.
August 2010.Implementation of Moment Frame Connections Scaled to Residential Construction: Rivet Connected I-Joist Moment Frames.
Daniel Tappel, M.S.
August 2010.Diamond Pier Foundation Analysis.
Wenbo Xin, M.S.
August 2010.Development of Fluorothermoplastic Elastomer Nanocomposites by Dynamic Vulcanization.
Feng (Amy) Chen, Ph.D.
May 2010.Investigation of Soy Protein (SP) Blends Prepared by Simultaneous SP Plasticization and Mixing.
Alicia J. Miller, M.S.,
May 2010.A Comparison of Residential Green Building Programs.
Warren Cent, M.S.
December 2009.Thermal Dynamics of Radiant Floor Heating with Wooden Flooring Systems.
Ines de Sainte Marie d’Agneaux, M.S.
December 2009. Development of Sustainability Guidelines for Infrastructure and Their Application to Passenger Ferry Terminals. Ines is working as an environmental engineer for ARCADIS in Walnut Creek, CA.
Christophe de Vial, M.S.
December 2009.Performance of Reinforcement Lap Splices in Concrete Masonry.
Christopher R. Voth, M.S.
December 2009.Lightweight Sandwich Panels Using Small-Diameter Timber Wood-Strands and Recycled Newsprint Cores.
Curtis Earl, M.S.
August 2009.Deflection of Light Frame Wood Diaphragms.
Richard H. Utzman, M.S.
August 2009.Alternate Foundation Sill Plate and Hold-Down Elements for Light-Frame Shear Walls.
Tony R. Cameron, M.S.
August 2009.Alaskan Timber Resources for Wood Plastic Composites.
Lee-Wen Chen, M.S.
August 2009.Extrudable Melamine Resin for Wood Plastic Composites.
Isabela Reiniati, M.S.
August 2009.Chemical, Physical, and Viscoelastic Properties of Hotpressed Hybrid Poplar.
Derek Brosious, M.S.
December 2008.Nonlinear Material Behavior and Fatigue-Accumulated Damage of Wood Plastic Composites.
Steven G. Michael, M.S.
December 2008.Thermoplastic Encapsulation of Wood Strand Composite Using a Tie-Layer.
Viviane Villechevrolle, M.S.
December 2008.Polymer Blends for Multi-Extruded Wood-Thermoplastic Composites.
Mark C. Hatch, M.S.
August 2008.Processing, Mechanical, and Environmental Performance of Engineering Polymer Wood-Plastic Composites. Mark is a project engineer at Beaudette Consulting Engineers, Kalispell, MT.
Jason O’Dell, M.S.
August 2008. Wood Plastic Composite Sill Plate for Continuous Anchorage of Shear Walls in Light-Frame Wood Structures. Jason is a structural engineer with Sitts & Hill Engineers in Tacoma, WA.
Nels R. Peterson, M.S.
August 2008.Wood-Thermoplastic Composites Manufactured Using Beetle-Killed Spruce from Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. Nels is a design engineer with PCS in Tacoma, WA.
Zachary S. Rininger, M.S.
August 2008.Utilization of Small Diameter Timbers in Pultruded Long Strand Composites.
Loren A. Ross, M.S.
August 2008.Performance of Wood Plastic Composite Foundation Elements in Post-Frame and Light-Frame Shear Walls.
Kenneth J. Dupuis, M.S.
May 2008.Nondestructive Testing of Concrete Box Girder Bridges Using Thermal Imaging.
William Gacitua Escobar, Ph.D.
May 2008. Influence of Wood Species on Properties of Wood/HDPE Composites. William is an Assistant Professor at the Universidad Del Bio-Bio, Chile.
Scott P. Anderson, M.S.
December, 2007.Wood Fiber Reinforced Bacterial Biocomposites: Effects of Interfacial Modifiers and Processing on Mechanical and Physical Properties. Scott is working as a materials research engineer for Michelin Tire Company.
Elvie E. Brown, M.S.
May, 2007. Bacterial Cellulose/Thermoplastic Polymer Nanocomposites. Elvie is a Post-Doctoral Research Associate at WSU Tri-Cities.
Drew A. Graham, M.S.
May, 2007.Performance of Log Shear Walls and Lag Screw Connections Subjected to Monotonic and Reverse-Cyclic Loading.
Christopher E. Langum, M.S.
May, 2007.Characterization of Pacific Northwest Softwoods for Wood Composites Production.
Erica F. Rude, M.S.
May, 2007.Evaluation of Coupling Mechanisms in Wood Plastic Composites. Erica is a Materials Engineer at the Naval Air Warfare Center at China Lake, CA.
Luyang Shan, Ph.D.
May, 2007.Explicit Buckling Analysis of Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Composite Structures. She is a faculty member in the Department of Civil Engineering, Zhejiang University of Technology, China.
Jinwu Wang, Ph.D.
May, 2007.Cure Kinetics of Wood Phenol-Formaldehyde System. Jinwu is a Research Forest Products Technologist at the US Forest Service Forest Products Laboratory.
Shilo W. Weight, M.S.
May 2007. A Novel Wood-Strand Composite Laminate Using Small-Diameter Timber. Shilo is a design engineer at Anderson-Peyton Structural Engineers.
Caleb J. Knudson, M.S.
December, 2006.Investigation into the Effects of Variable Row Spacing in Bolted Timber Connections Subjected to Reverse Cyclic Loading.
Jun Qian, M.S.
December, 2006.Investigation of Crystallization of Poly(3-Hydroxybutyrate-co-3-Hydroxyvalerates) and their Bamboo Fiber Reinforced Composites.
Sudip Chowdhury, M.S.
August, 2006. A Mechanism to Improve Durability of Oriented Strand Composite. Sudip is working on a Ph.D. at Virginia Tech.
Barun Shankar Gupta, M.S.
August, 2006.Development of a Coating Technology for Wood Plastic Composites.
Melchor C. Maranan, M.S.
August, 2006.Rapid Assessment of Chemical Composition, Calorific Value and Specific Gravity of Hybrid Poplar Wood Using Near Infrared Spectroscopy.
Andrew J. Schildmeyer, M.S.
August, 2006.Temperature and Time Dependent Behaviors of a Wood-Polypropylene Composite. Andrew is a design engineer for Putnam Collins Scott Associates.
Erik R. Coats, Ph.D.
December 2005. Sustainable Production of Biodegradable Thermoplastics Through Wastewater Treatment, and a New Theory on Biological Phosphorus Removal. Erik is an Assistant Professor at the University of Idaho.
Sara C. Schwab, M.S.
December, 2005. Tensile Strength of Oriented Strand Board as Affected by Specimen Width. Sara is a design engineer for Putnam Collins Scott Associates.
Yuefei Wu, M.S.
December, 2005.Dynamic Analysis of Ferry Vessels on Wingwall Structures with Wood Plastic Composite Rubbing Blocks.
Matthew W. Chastagner, M.S.
August, 2005. Slit Die Rheology of HDPE and ABS Based Wood Plastic Composites. Matt is working on a Ph.D. at University of Michigan.
Kristin A. Duchateau, M.S.
August, 2005. Structural Design and Performance of Composite Wall-Foundation Connector Elements. Kristin is working as a structural engineer for Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. in Minneapolis, MN.
Ryan G. Kobbe, M.S.
August, 2005.Creep Behavior of a Wood-Polypropylene Composite. Ryan is an assistant lecturer in the College of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Wyoming.
Andrew E. Slaughter, M.S.
August, 2004. Design and Fatigue of a Structural Wood-Plastic Composite. Andrew is working on a Ph.D. at Montana State University.
Sameer Bafna, M.S.
May, 2004.A Novel Technique for the Analysis of Shear Walls within Manufactured Homes Using the Finite Element Method.
Michael A. Dodson, M.S.
December, 2003.The Effects of Row Spacing and Bolt Spacing in 6-Bolt and 4-Bolt Wood-to-Steel Connections.
Ying Du, Ph.D.
December, 2003.The Development and Use of a Novel Finite Element for the Evaluation of Embedded Fluid Dampers Within Light-Frame Timber Structures with Seismic Loading.
David P. Harper, Ph.D.
December, 2003. A Thermodynamic, Spectroscopic, and Mechanical Characterization of the Wood-Polypropylene Interphase. David is an Associate Professor at the University of Tennessee.
Phil R. Johnson, M.S.
December, 2003.NDE of Clear Wood Subjected to Environmental and Mechanical Loadings Using Near Infrared Spectroscopy.
Erik Pearson, M.S.
December, 2003.Infrared Inspection Techniques for Prestressed Concrete Box Girders.
Ian Eikanas, M.S.
August, 2003.Flexural Reinforcement Limits for Masonry Shear Walls Subjected to Cyclic Loading.
Kirk D. Kludt, M.S.
August, 2003. Use of Near Infrared Spectroscopy Technology for Predicting Bending Properties of Clear Wood Specimens. Kirk is currently working as a Structural Engineer at MWH Americas, Inc.
Zachary S. Davidson, M.S.
May, 2003.Reliability Indices for Nailed Wood-to-Wood Connections Loaded Monotonically and Cyclically.
Geoffrey M. Gore, M.S.
May, 2003.Ultrasonic Detection of Nail Deformation in Timber Connections.
Matthew M. Zawlocki, M.S.
May, 2003.Characterization of Wood-Plastic Composites by Dissipated Energy. Matt is currently working as an Engineer in the Bridge and Structures Unit at King County Department of Transportation.
Heming Zhang Alwin, M.S.
December, 2002.Development of a Method to Analyze Structural Insulated Panels Under Transverse Loading.
Vikram Yadama, Ph.D.
December, 2002.Characterization and Modeling of Oriented Strand Composites. Vikram is a Professor and Extension Specialist at Washington State University.
Alejandro M. Bozo, Ph.D.
August, 2002. Spatial Variation of Wood Composites. Alejandro is an Assistant Professor at the University of Chile.
Peter J. Cates, M.S.
May, 2002.Dowel Bearing Strength and Bolted Connection Behavior of Oriented Strand Lumber. Peter is working as a structural engineer for Harris & Sloan Consulting Group in Davis, CA.
Guibin Lu, M.S.
May, 2002.HDPE Wood-Plastic Composite Material Model Subject to Damage.
Melissa A. Verwest, M.S.
May, 2002.Effect of Manufacturing Temperature of Laminated Veneer Lumber on Duration of Load Behavior.
Karl R. Englund, Ph.D.
December, 2001.Consolidation and Friction Mechanisms of Wood Composites and Their Influence on Pultrusion Processing. Karl is a Research Professor and Extension Specialist at Washington State University.
Kristin L. Meyers, M.S.
December, 2001.Impact of Strand Geometry and Orientation on Mechanical Properties of Strand Composites. Kristin is working at iLevel by Weyerhaeuser in Boise, ID.
Christopher W. Brandt, M.S.
August, 2001.Load-Duration Behavior of Extruded Wood-Plastic Composites. Chris is a Market Support Engineer for iLevel by Weyerhaeuser in Boise, ID.
William R. Parsons, M.S.
August, 2001.Energy-Based Modeling of Dowel-Type Connections in Wood-Plastic Composite Hollow Sections. Bill is working for iLevel by Weyerhaeuser in Boise, ID.
Douglas J. Pooler, M.S.
August, 2001. The Temperature Dependent Non-Linear Response of a Wood-Plastic Composite. Doug is working at WSU in the School of Materials and Mechanical Engineering on Cadmium Zinc Telluride.
Brian J. Tucker, Ph.D.
August, 2001.Ultrasonic Plate Waves in Wood-based Composite Panels. Brian is working as a Research Scientist at Battelle in the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in the Tri-Cities, WA.
Nicholas J. Bilunas, M.S.
December, 2000.Diaphragm Behavior of Structural Insulated Panels. Nick is with Floyd E. Burroughs and Associates in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Joe Galloway, M.S., December, 2000.Nondestructive Evaluation of Timber Connections. Joe is in India working as an engineer for the Peace Corps.
Jeffrey D. Linville, M.S.
December, 2000.The Influence of a Horizontal Density Distribution on Moisture-Related Mechanical Degradation of Oriented Strand Composites. Jeff is a Senior Engineer, Industry and Code Activities, at Weyerhaeuser in Boise, ID.
David Nelson, M.S.
December, 2000.Creep and Duration-of-Load Behavior of Timber Under Combined Load. David works for KPFF Consulting Engineers in Seattle, WA.
Thanadon Sattabongkot, M.S.
December, 2000.Dimension Effects on Dowel Bearing Strength for Wood and Wood-Based Composites.
Kevin J. Haiar, M.S.
May, 2000.Performance and Design of Prototype Wood-Plastic Composite Sections.
Wei Yang, M.S.
May, 2000.Probabilistic Finite Element Methods for the Evaluation of Wood Composites.
David A. Balma, M.S.
December, 1999.Evaluation of Bolted Connections in Wood Plastic Composites.
Robert Emerson, Ph.D.
December, 1999. Nondestructive Evaluation of Timber Bridges. Robert is an Associate Professor at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK.
Scott Lockyear, M.S.
December, 1999. Characterization of Wood-Plastic Composites as Structural Net Sections. Scott recently joined the staff of the American Wood Council in Washington, D.C. as a Structural Engineer.
Juleen J. Esvelt, M.S.
August, 1999.Behavior of Structural Insulated Panels under Transverse Loading.
Tamara Godina, M.S.
August, 1999.Analytical Creep Model of Wood Beam-Columns.
Jeffery J. Peters, M.S.
August, 1999.Selected Engineering Properties of Hybrid Poplar Clear Wood and Composite Panels. Jeff is the Technical Director for Sentinel Structures in Peshtigo, WI.
Glenn Madden, M.S.
August, 1999.Adaptive Sliding Base Isolation Systems for Seismic Protection of Buildings.
Sudarshan Rangaraj, M.S.
August, 1999.Durability Assessment and Modeling of Wood-Thermoplastic Composites.
Kristine L. (Fromhold) Williams, M.S.
August, 1999. Creep-Induced Secondary Moments in Timber-Beam Columns. Kristine works for KPFF Consulting in Los Angeles, CA.
Steven A. Davidow, M.S.
May, 1999.Reliability-based Performance Criteria of Wood-Plastic Composite Fender Systems for Waterfront Facilities. Steven works for DCI Engineers in Spokane, WA.
Scott Peterson, M.S.
May, 1999.Application of Dynamic System Identification to Timber Beams.
Paul Rogness, M.S.
May, 1999. Composite Material Retrofitting of Split Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns. Paul works for DCI Engineers in Bellevue, WA.
Stephen J. Carstens, M.S.
December, 1998.Bolt Bearing Behavior of Engineered Wood Composites From Yellow Poplar Lumber.
Lee W. French, M.S.
December, 1998.Five-Point Test for Determination of Racking Shear in Structural Panels. Lee works for DCI Engineers in Spokane, WW.
Monique E. Paynter, M.S.
December, 1998.Wood-Based Composite Members for Waterfront Fendering Systems.
Judsen M. Williams, M.S.
December, 1998. Strength and Reliability of Used Timbers. Judsen works for KPFF Consulting in Los Angeles, Ca.
David P. Harper, M.S.
May, 1998. The Evaluation of 4-4′ Diphenylmethane Diisocyanate Cure in a Saturated Steam Environment. David is an Associate Professor at the University of Tennessee.
Wenhua Hua, M.S.
May, 1997. Creep Mechanisms in Oriented Strand Board (OSB). Wenhua is a Wood Scientist at Trus Joist MacMillan in Boise, ID.
Brian J. Tucker, M.S.
May 1996.Partial Composite Action and Lateral Distribution Effects on Wood-Joist Floor Systems with Various Construction Techniques.