ICC Projects

Research Projects

Nelson Treehouse

Nelson Treehouse designs and builds very elaborate and impressive homes in trees off the ground. To accomplish this, they have engineered some very unique and robust fasteners for all their […]

Mercer (Formerly Katerra)

Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) is an up-and-coming building material that has an enormous potential for cost-savings and construction time. CLT takes advantage of fast-growth trees or softwoods that become strong with […]


Huber Engineering is one of the leading manufacturers of innovative sheathing and building envelope products. This sheathing product in a connections test at CMEC’s test lab.


Trex deckboard testing in a 3-point bending rupture test. Trex is continually improving and modifying their designs and composition to make the most reliable and recycled deckboards on the market.