Polymeric Materials

Hui Li

Outreach/Extension Applied industrial research and development Natural fiber Polymers Cross-laminated timber processing Publications Mamanpush S., Li H., Englund K., Tabatabaei A. Recycled wind turbine blades as a feedstock for second […]

Hang Liu, Ph.D.

Publications Zhong, T., Wolcott, M. P., Liu, H., Glandon, N., & Wang, J. (2020) The influence of pre-fibrillation via planetary ball milling on the extraction and properties of chitin nanofibers. […]

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Jinwen Zhang

Publications Ma, R., M. Guo, K.T. Lin, V.R. Hebert, J. Zhang, M.P. Wolcott, M. Quintero, K.K Ramasamy, X. Chen, and X. Zhang. 2016. Peracetic acid depolymerization of biorefinery lignin for […]

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Baoming Zhao

Publications Baoming Zhao, Cheng Hao, Yu-Chung Chang, Yiding Cao, Tuan Liu, Mingen Fei, Lin Shao, Jinwen Zhang*. Photo-curing 3D Printing of Thermosetting Sacrificial Tooling for Fabricating Fiber-Reinforced Hollow Composites, Advanced […]

Weihong (Katie) Zhong

Publications X. Fu, R. Odstrcil, M. Qiu, J. Liu and W.H. Zhong, Natural “Relief” for Lithium Dendrites: Tailoring Protein Configurations for Long-life Lithium Metal Anodes, Energy Storage Materials, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ensm.2021.07.039, […]

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