Cementitious & Bituminous Materials News

PACCAR Environmental Technology Building dedicated

Building tours, a reception, and music from the WSU Cougar Marching Band were part of the dedication of the new PACCAR Environmental Technology Building at Washington State University on Thursday, […]

WSU’s Paccar building houses 5 R&D labs

Wood-framed skyscrapers, resistant to fire and earthquakes and made from locally harvested wood, may someday dot the skylines of North American cities. A new building at Washington State University, opening […]

Helping highways better handle water runoff

WSU is helping the state lessen the environmental impact of its highways. With support from a Transportation Northwest (TransNow) grant, researchers in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering are working with […]

Concrete as a Carbon Sink

Concrete Technology: The topic of global climate change is frequently in the news. The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports that the increase in the concentration of many compounds […]

How solid is concrete’s carbon footprint?

Many scientists currently think at least 5 percent of humanity’s carbon footprint comes from the concrete industry, both from energy use and the carbon dioxide (CO2) byproduct from the production […]
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