CMEC Service Center

CMEC Service Centers provide resources to break things. And other things.

Our value proposition

Blue-sky development of new products

If you’ve got the idea, we’ve got the technical know-how to help you implement it.

Design methodology consultation

We know the codes and standards and can help you be first to market with your idea or project.

Rapid prototyping

We’ve got the R&D facilities to help you innovate. We are nimble and responsive partners.

Process improvement

We can find ways to improve your existing manufacturing processes to become more efficient and profitable.

Code-compliance testing

New products can be exciting, but code compliance is a necessity if you want to get to market. We can guide you through the maze to help you reach your goal.

Standards development

Our faculty are experienced in developing test standards for new materials and developing design specifications recognized by building codes.

Our Centers

This is what Engineering Consulting is about

Concrete Coupling Beam research

This is what Structural Testing is about.

This is what Pressing Services is about

This is what Fiber Refinement is about

This is what AMPs is about

Simpson Strong-Tie Symposium at the Paccar building on the Washington State University Pullman campus, Saturday, Nov. 13, 2021.

This is what Analytical is about

Service Center Rates

Service CenterCMEC Area/Federal Sponsored rate (per hour)VCEA Rate (per hour)Industry Rate (per hour)
Engineering Consulting$185.48$201.60$201.60
Structural Testing$85.18$82.59$95.65
Pressing Services$80.00$86.95$100.23
Fiber Refinement$43.45$47.23$60.42
Advanced Material Processing$80.47$87.46$104.35
Analytical Lab Services$81.97$89.10$97.79

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Past Projects (gallery)

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