Curriculum Vitae

Technical Interests

Renewable fuels, circular economy, supply chain configuration


  • Ph.D., Biological and Agricultural Engineering, 2022, Washington State University
  • B.S., Chemical Engineering, 2009, Universidad America, Bogotá, Colombia

Professional Experience

  • 2022-Present – Postdoctoral Research Associate, Washington State University
  • 2016-2022, Graduate Researcher, Washington State University
  • 2015-2016, Environmental Professional, Consorcio Concesion Milenio, Bogotá, Colombia
  • 2011-2013, Chemical Engineer,  CTP LTDA, Piedecuesta, Colombia
  • 2008-2011, Reseach Assistant, CENIPALMA, Bogotá, Colombia


  • Biological System Engineering Department – Graduate Student Award, 2020.
  • Colciencias-Fulbright Scholarship, 2016.
  • Fellowship as Young Researcher by Colciencias

Selected Publications

  • Brandt, K. L., Martinez-Valencia, L., & Wolcott, M. P. Cumulative Impact of Federal and State Policy on Minimum Selling Price of Sustainable Aviation Fuel. Frontiers in Energy Research, 148.
  • Martinez-Valencia, L., Garcia-Perez, M., Wolcott, M. Supply chain configuration of sustainable aviation fuel: review, challenges, and pathways for including environmental and social benefits. 2021. Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, 152, p. 111680.
  • Martinez-Valencia, L., Camenzind, D., Wigmosta, M., Garcia-Perez, M., Wolcott, M. 2021. Biomass supply chain equipment for renewable fuels production: A review. Biomass and Bioenergy, 148, 106054.
  • Pinheiro Pires, A.P., Martinez-Valencia, L., Tanzil, AH., Garcia-Perez, M., Garcia-Ojeda, J.C., Bertok, B., … & Friedler, F. 2021. Synthesis and techno-economic analysis of pyrolysis-oil based biorefineries using P-graph. Energy & Fuels, 35(16), 13159-13169.