A force to be reckoned with: Wind, quake studies sway building codes worldwide

Wind, quake studies sway building codes worldwide
By Evan Epstein
WSU Today intern

While the 2004 hurricane season has put Florida’s buildings and building codes to the test, on the other side of the country a WSU professor is trying to understand how destruction like that wrought in Florida can be curbed.

Hurricane Charley flattened more than 12,000 homes in Florida, according to the Associated Press. The damage from Hurricane Jeanne alone has been estimated as high as $9 billion. The four Florida storms have so far produced 2 … » More …

WSU’s research story comes out of the woodwork at new visitor center

As you walk through the new WSU visitor center, slow down and notice the wood around you. Natural blue staining on a bench shows how a Northwest pine tree lost its battle with troublesome beetles. Criss-crossed wood flakes span a wall-length wine display, making better use of timber resources. https://news.wsu.edu/2013/10/08/wsus-research-story-comes-out-of-the-woodwork-at-new-visitor-center/#.VVuGU5NVhBc